MPAT options trading student complain of losses

MPAT options trading student complain copied to help others become aware of the risk involved, this complaint is posted because the quora answer will be deleted or collapsed.

Prasanta Kumar, lived in Cuttack City, Odisha, India (from quora)

She is a Big Cheater ..Her MPAT course is nothing but only 2 days High and 2 days low..Does not work in real live market..By luck in trending mkt you can make profit, later on with consecutive Stop Loss , you will erode all your hard earned capital..She is a very big FRAUD..She does not trade, she makes money by cheating innocent retailers by her marketing and showing fake chart….if you want to check..Pls ask her to show her P&L statement…She will never show..She does not allow her MPAT students to share their numbers, because they will discuss her cheating..All MPAT12 students are in loss, after paying 6 Lacs fees and all MPAT 12 students have lost around 3–4 Lacs even more by some ..Stock market is not that easy 2 days High. If her strategy was working, all MPAT 12 students, were not in loss..Stay away from Asmita Patel Global School of Trading…Fraud .. Fraud..I m posting this to save others from her trap ..Those who are writing in her favour, are her relatives or associated with her Global Cheating Business..