No support for those making losses trading

When security traders are making losses they are complaining on google reviews, quora and other places, no one labels them a security threat or questions their mental health. In contrast when the fraud top indian tech and internet companies are running a massive financial, online fraud on a single woman engineer for more than 10 years , falsely claiming the domains, bank account belong to the lazy greedy goan call girls they supply to government employees for sex, cheater, robber housewives, scammer students, stock brokers and other frauds, if the single woman domain investor will complain, she is falsely labelled a security threat, officials getting sex, money bribes are questioning her mental health. Feedback from a security trader making a loss.

naga dyvik
2 reviews
4 months ago
I am a student of MPAT 12. The biggest mistake of choosing her course and paying 6L.
ZERO support and care for students concerns.
ZERO support after the program.
If we make profit screen shots on FB, if we make loss no body cares.

Pls don’t get fooled by her program. She is a money oriented person. She is not bothered at all about our success in stock market.

OVER PROMISE UNDER DELIVER is what she follows. Our whole batch of M12 is in losses, and when we ask in the online session they mute us all so that we won’t we able to share our problems.

Tom much hype in YouTube and FB

Horrible horrible horrible.

Deepely upset. We want REFUND