Trading strategies training review – backtesting, portfolio review

Securities trading strategies training review from Google reviews. Usually those who are making a loss will usually complain.

harshil mehta

I have joined MPAT 12 batch. My experience is as below:

1) Before joining they will make promise to share back testing result of all the strategies.
Truth: They have not provided back-testing results of even a single strategy. Even when I asked back test result for bank nifty they were not ready to provide it. They will make big promotions when their strategy works for few months however if you trade for longer time frame, strategy will not work. Trust me I have lost significant amount of capital. I had joined MPAT 12 when banknifty was around 24000 and now it is around 38000. Just imagine the rally and support from market. Even in such ideal situation I am in loss.

2) Before you join they will make promise to give you a call if you have made wrong entry or not entered position as per strategy.
Truth : They will not care to have a look at your portfolio. Never expect a call back nor they will pick up call when you have any doubts during course. They will give you some support till the time you pay entire fees. After paying full fees you will not get any support from them.

3) They will never teach how to select stock and build portfolio. (I doubt they themselves know it )

4) They will just share course materials in the form of pdf.

5) Only strategies they have is high lows on different time duration. Every classes they change strategy and make sure you do not make any money out of their strategies.

My advice to anyone who is planning to join MPAT is not to waste hard earned money. If you have surplus amount just invest in any mutual fund you will get more return. It is total waste of money and you will never ever gain profit from her strategies. I did back testing of few stocks as per her strategy and hardly able to make 12-15% profit in a year if your luck supports.

Please note this is similar story of entire MPAT batches students. There are negative reviews from MPAT 10,11 & 12 students and I will not be surprised if some M13 students post similar reviews.

Think 100 times before joining this course.