Government agencies were furious that they were tricked by mhow monster puneet who used a single woman he hated as a honeypot

Cruel cunning mhow monster puneet used a very cruel trick to destroy the life of his female engineering classmate who he actually HATED
Though he never contacted her, having an excellent understanding of how his real enemies think, the fraud puneet faked help for his engineering classmate, the domain investor, falsely claimed that she was a proxy for him, when there was no connection at all
So all the enemies attacked the single woman engineer, destroying her life and reputation since no one actually cared for her, while the real girlfriends were well protected, got government jobs with fake stolen resumes.
Only after the domain investor started complaining bitterly about the great online, financial fraud on her, the enemies verified the information, (because control of domains cannot be easily faked).
After mhow monster puneet ran one of the greatest online frauds for 9 years from 2010-2018, slowly the enemies realized that they were tricked into attacking a person mhow monster puneet actually hated, wasting their resources. Being extremely cunning, mhow monster puneet had tricked his enemies into working for him for free, to destroy the life of his engineering classmate he hated.
So now they are slowly attacking his real girlfriends who are extremely wealthy and powerful, especially securities trading trainer amita p. and leaving the harmless powerless domain investor who he hates alone