Free listing for those who are making losses trading securities after taking a course

Many people are lured to pay large amount for training courses, which promise huge profits to the trader. However, based on online information, many of the security traders are making huge losses despite paying Rs 5 lakh or more for the course. In india, there is no to help or even listen to those who complain after making losses.
Hence to help other gullible person so that they do not lose money,a free listing for those who are making losses trading securities after taking a course
Please send details of your complaint to

Large number of people take courses to maximize their trading profits

Kindly note that goan call girls siddhi, sunaina are not associated with the website, though top indian tech and internet companies are making fake claims about the goan call girls to get them government jobs for the last 10 years to avoid paying the goan call girls for their services from their million dollar profits

Large number of people take courses to maximize their trading profits. From google reviews, listed below, it appears that for each batch, 30 people are participating, each paying Rs 7 lakh, so revenues from each batch are Rs 2.1 crore

Goturu Yeshwanth
Local Guide·12 reviews·40 photos
4 months ago
None of the strategy work they are teaching only 3 days high and 3 days low, place order etc.. I’m a student of MPAT10 batch. All our batchmates same situation LOST total capital we are approximately 30 people paid 7 lakhs each. Imagine the kind of LOOTS they are doing. They will not even care you once they will get your money from you. I personally lost my capital with asmita Patel. Don’t waste your money. All our MPAT10 batch are asking her notes they are not even sending not even a response when you try to contact. Don’t waste your hard earned money by falling for trap with such kind of money eating monsters. Our whole batch is fighting for refund they don’t even care to talk to you.

No support for those making losses trading

When security traders are making losses they are complaining on google reviews, quora and other places, no one labels them a security threat or questions their mental health. In contrast when the fraud top indian tech and internet companies are running a massive financial, online fraud on a single woman engineer for more than 10 years , falsely claiming the domains, bank account belong to the lazy greedy goan call girls they supply to government employees for sex, cheater, robber housewives, scammer students, stock brokers and other frauds, if the single woman domain investor will complain, she is falsely labelled a security threat, officials getting sex, money bribes are questioning her mental health. Feedback from a security trader making a loss.

naga dyvik
2 reviews
4 months ago
I am a student of MPAT 12. The biggest mistake of choosing her course and paying 6L.
ZERO support and care for students concerns.
ZERO support after the program.
If we make profit screen shots on FB, if we make loss no body cares.

Pls don’t get fooled by her program. She is a money oriented person. She is not bothered at all about our success in stock market.

OVER PROMISE UNDER DELIVER is what she follows. Our whole batch of M12 is in losses, and when we ask in the online session they mute us all so that we won’t we able to share our problems.

Tom much hype in YouTube and FB

Horrible horrible horrible.

Deepely upset. We want REFUND

Review of MPAT course, costing Rs 6 lakh

Jayashree Chaudhari (from quora)
Sep 25

Please don’t go for mpat course, it is not worth 6 lacs. Only her free webinar strategies work, that too only on trending market. Whatever taught in mpat course doesn’t work. Even support which they promise is not for entire course duration. They provide 20 days support maximum 1 month for each strategy. After that they stop and start giving next strategy support. Support is only in form of answer keys for entry exit prices, whenever you try to call support manager they won’t pick call or respond properly. Also they don’t take responsibility of their strategies. If we try to tell them that this doesn’t work or that doesn’t work they don’t agree and put all blame on students. They don’t form students group to interact with each other. During webinar or after webinar no students can interact with each other nor are numbers shared with each other. Even we cannot see messages or queries of other students. Our capital gets eroded very quickly and loose confidence. And this is with all mpat students from our batch. Course is not worth for its fees. Please find some other good course and good mentor and save your time and money.

It would be interesting to find the profile of those who are buying Nykaa shares at a huge profit

It would be interesting to find out who the investors or security traders purchasing Nykaa shares at a high price are. Though Nykaa shares listed at huge profit after the IPO, the shares may be overvalued. The revenues of the company are not very high compared to other companies which have a lower valuation, and it only made a small profit. The brand is also not very well known in smaller towns compared to swiggy and zomato.
The only advantage nykaa has is that security agencies are running a major extortion racket, harassing and criminally defaming women who do not use makeup and are not good looking. They will abuse their powers to humiliate and slander ugly financially independent women, especially if they are single. so the number of women using cosmetics has increased greatly in the last few years.
Women who use make up extensively are getting away with their endless frauds by seducing powerful men in ntro/raw/cbi like mhow monster puneet. For example the greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel with monthly income of Rs one crore, net worth of more than Rs 50 crore has not invested any money in domains, yet because she is an expert in wearing makeup,flirting and seducing powerful men, she is getting a monthly raw salary for faking domain ownership, including this domain since 2013 .

MPAT options trading student complain of losses

MPAT options trading student complain copied to help others become aware of the risk involved, this complaint is posted because the quora answer will be deleted or collapsed.

Prasanta Kumar, lived in Cuttack City, Odisha, India (from quora)

She is a Big Cheater ..Her MPAT course is nothing but only 2 days High and 2 days low..Does not work in real live market..By luck in trending mkt you can make profit, later on with consecutive Stop Loss , you will erode all your hard earned capital..She is a very big FRAUD..She does not trade, she makes money by cheating innocent retailers by her marketing and showing fake chart….if you want to check..Pls ask her to show her P&L statement…She will never show..She does not allow her MPAT students to share their numbers, because they will discuss her cheating..All MPAT12 students are in loss, after paying 6 Lacs fees and all MPAT 12 students have lost around 3–4 Lacs even more by some ..Stock market is not that easy 2 days High. If her strategy was working, all MPAT 12 students, were not in loss..Stay away from Asmita Patel Global School of Trading…Fraud .. Fraud..I m posting this to save others from her trap ..Those who are writing in her favour, are her relatives or associated with her Global Cheating Business..

Options trading not very profitable for some students

Feedback from student from M12 batch. (quoting from Quora) Harshil Mehta

Here is my review on her after completing almost 8 months of session:

No back testing results for her strategies will be provided. They themselves know that their strategy will not work.
Even if some of her strategy works you will not get more than 15% annual return.
No genuine support is provided during course. Even if you request they don’t bother to answer your queries. They will answer all your queries till you pay entire fees.
In Mpat 12 there are 35 students who enrolled. None of us are in profit.
In last session host muted all participants when tough questions were asked.
When asked about her strategies performance from the time we enrolled for course she muted everyone.
Before enrolling course they had promised for backrest results for at-least 5 years for all of her staregies but unfortunately not a single result is shared till date.
When we started course Banknifty was around 22,000 and today it is 38000. However from her banknifty strategy I am in loss of more than 4 lakhs.
Trust me your entire capital will be wiped out.

My take is do not give away your hard earned money here there are better places to learn.

Ps: You can personally msg me if you need any further clarifications.

When security traders complain about the course they pay Rs 6 lakh for, no one questions their mental health

Mhow monster ntro employee puneet even stole the right to complain from his btech 1993 ee classmate after cheating, robbing, criminally defaming, exploiting her
Though the indian internet sector considers domain fraudster raw employee stock trader amita patel their role model, there are a large number of people who have paid her Rs 6 lakh for training, are making losses,and are complaining about her on quora,google reviews and elsewhere with their real name. Since they feel they have been cheated, they have the right to complain and no one is questioning their mental health
In comparison, the domain investor who is the btech 1993 ee classmate of some ntro/raw employees like mhow monster puneet has been cheated of more than Rs 15 lakh every year for the last 11 years due to the domain ownership, banking fraud.
Yet showing ruthless the ntro/raw employees are in covering up their domain ownership, banking fraud, on the single woman engineer, domain investor, they are spreading false rumors about her mental health everytime she complains, when she has a legal right to complain, because the ntro/raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own her bank account, domains
It is an indication of the lack of humanity, honesty in the government that it refuses to admit that their well paid greedy employees do not have the right to make fake claims about the assets, bank account of a private citizen.
When no one questions the mental health of the security traders who are complaining after making a loss despite taking the Rs 6 lakh course of domain fraudster raw employee amita patel, why are fake defamatory rumors spread about the domain investor for complaining

Options trader making a huge loss

Abhishek Gowda (from collapsed Quora answer), May 26, 2021

I joined options course 4MONTHS AGO
His marketing is as good as bad his strategies are.
I learned almost 10 strategies from her by showing picture perfect trades from her but still struggling to find out how to make profit from her strategies. There are so many if and buts for applying his strategy but no guidance for it. i back tested her MPAT level 2 strategy out of 25 trades only 3 to 4 trades are winning trades.
She taught us strategies but not how to use it to maximize the profit. she taught us basic of other tools and told us to use those tools to get maximum benefit of those strategies.
As part of her program we got recommendation of some trades. out of 10 more than 5 trades were going wrong.
Support sessions were totally worthless.
you will get to know so many new things and knowledge from his course but will not get guidance how to use it properly.
So much overvalued course.
Should not do in such huge price.

i made loss hope so you all don’t
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